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(July 11, 2012) Chuang Tzu, the great Taoist master. explains that "Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy. Continue easy, and you are right." These words of Chuang Tzu are opposite to what we have been conditioned to believe. Since childhood, most of us have been told to strive for prestige, for name and fame. And if we don't achieve these goals, then our life will be considered meaningless. These Taoist teachings urge us to adopt a new attitude - the attitude that natural is right and ordinary is right. Listening to this talk, we learn the importance of being relaxed, being free from tension and anxiety in everything we do. That way, we will blossom. That way, we'll not only function better in our everyday life but shall feel the beauty and the freedom of "wings open in the vast sky."

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