Blue Sky Meditations

Led by Joan Suval's gentle, yet powerfully knowing voice, each of the Blue Sky Meditations takes us on an awakening journey of self-discovery, revealing our natural state of consciousness and awareness. It was in the 80's that Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati directed Joan in the recording of his guided meditations. They deliver an expansive breadth of life-changing wisdom with amazing clarity and directness.

(Listen to 5 minute sample)

"It was only when Joan Suval introduced me to the teachings of Shri Brahmananda that I finally stopped running from myself and began to feel some measure of peace." - Deirdre O'Connor

"A legacy of humanity left by Shri Brahmananda, transcending a person's religious beliefs, caste, creed, or age. I feel blessed that I have been given, even if for a fleeting moment, the ability to go beyond the physical manifestation. And what indescribable feeling of peace and joy that is." - Indrani Mazumder

"The healing message that is being conveyed through these beautiful and tranquil meditations is one that each of us in these challenging times needs." - Mandes R. Kates, MD

"When I play these meditations to a class of restless New Yorkers, everyone melts into their embrace, completely still, motionless, and instantly transformed. The effect is incredible." - Yogeswari, Yoga Teacher